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What to do when you found termites at home?

Finding these small white ants, also known as termites feeding at some parts of our home is next to a horror story. It is a nightmare that every homeowner dreads to experience.

It can cause some numbing shock. Some people claim that they froze and were unable to think because of the sight of termites eating your home away.

When the day comes (we certainly hope that it would not), there is no better position than being prepared. These are the three most important things that you should do, in a particular order.

1. Do not panic!

Panic can make you do things you should not do. Among the things that you should not do because of panic are:

- Do not clean the area you found with termites (at least not yet). Please read on Tips 2 and 3, first.

- Do not spray with Baygon, or hot water, or gas, or used oil, or any insecticide at all. Yes, you read it right. Do not spray with insecticides. Among the famous brands we mistakenly use for termite control are Baygon, Solignum, and Termigard. (You can message me if you are uncertain if what you have on hand can help you mitigate the termite problem or if it can make it worse.)

In my experience, using these "termiticides" for the control of active termites found at home can cause disturbance of termites 100% of the time. They can cause termites to temporarily abandon their foraging area (i.e. your bedroom doorjamb), to eventually feed on your walls, after a month or two. Please don't get me wrong. I hav