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Our Chief Entomologist at your Service!

Branding is king. You spend millions to ensure that your brand is delivering the market expectation, pushing further to exceed it to be the market leader. Branding is reputation untarnished. The knowledgeable brand manager knows that an untarnished reputation has great thing to do with how well you battle against your pests.

Battling with pests is a very risky business. It sometimes spells out the difference between making it or breaking it in any industry. Pest management program is a major indicator of the level of a brand's commitment to consumer health and safety. The best chance you have when it comes to pest management is the one with the true knowledge of insect pests, also known as your Entomologists - your Biologists of Insects.

April Musa - Marinay - Chief Entomologist

Knowing is half the battle as they say. We cannot solve the problem if we cannot find the root cause. It takes knowing the Biology of each insect pest to truly deliver results. Where they hide, how do they multiply, where are they coming from are important questions that need to be answered immediately to address your concerns.

With Boaz, you can find experts in the Pest Control Industry having extensive trainings and seminars in and out of the country lead by our Chief Entomologist, April Musa - Marinay. She studied Entomology in the University of the Philippines - Los Baños, training certifications fron SGS, HACCP and Fumigation by the FPA. Thus, she became resource speakers of different topics such as Pest Control Awareness, Pest Biology, Food Safety, Good Warehousing, HACCP and Integrated Pest Management and Prevention for different companies such as, San Miguel Yamamura Packaging Corp., Starkson Packaging Inc., Am-Europharma, Philippine Federation of Pest Management Operators Association, Alagang Kapatid of TV 5, Good Morning Kuya of UNTV and Pillar Magazine.

Boaz Pest Control Services aims to be the most preferred pest control company in the country. We are doing this by being Your Trusted Pest Control Partner. We promise you programs which do not just pass Government and Private Food Safety Auditors such as BRC, FSSC, ISO, HALAL, SGS, TUV, NMIS, FDA, YUM (KFC and many others), but succeed it with flying colors.

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