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DIY Cockroach Control in the Metro

In this article, I will teach you how to tackle German cockroach (Blatella germanica), an extreme home nuisance, in a practical and inexpensive way.

To be able to effectively conduct DIY cockroach control at home, it is important to understand some vital information.

German roaches are present in highly urbanized areas, including houses, condo, restaurants and pantries in the city. New homes are less likely to be infested with roaches. But as a house gets older, like 6 months and more, like the pest that they are which thrive where humans thrive. they start their population.

"German roaches feed on all sorts of things like chocolate, meat, nuts. beer, softdrinks, breads and even paper products."

"Each egg capsule contains 30 to 48 eggs produced by a female mature cockroach every 6 weeks. On the average, each mother cockroach can deliver 270 more small cockroaches. A pregnant

German cockroach carries its egg until 1 day before the egg capsule hatches. And this mum