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Termite Control Philippines

Philippine Milk Termite Control (Coptotermes gestroi)

Garden Termite (Macrotermes gilvus)

Los Banos Termite (Microcerotermes losbanosensis)

Nasut termite (Nasutitermes luzonicus)


Termites are social insects with complete castes tor surviving as a colony. Rainy days are best days for swarming termites. New male and female winged termites fly, pair off and establish colony on conducive site on your house or neighbor's place. New pair of female and male termites becomes the new king and queen, the primary reproductives of the termite colony. A fertilized queen lays eggs which hatch into larvae. Termite larvae eventually develop into a worker, soldier or secondary reproductive. Each caste has distinct physical appearance to perform its role towards ensuring that the colony continues to live.


Termites can extensively damage a home or building. They have not been reported to feed on concrete since they can not digest them but they were observed in concrete facilities since they can enter through tiny gaps and holes in between cement. They are voracious eaters of all sort of woods, paper products and everything with cellulose 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Believe it or not, sanitation holds a big role in preventing inviting termites inside and around your house.



  • Remove excessive water around home or facility

  • Dispose of rotting tree stomps, lumber, wood materials around th property

  • If woods can not be prevented, make sure to store them away from foundation

  • Prevent direct wood to soil contact

  • Repair roof leaks

BOAZ Pest Control Services Termite Control Programs

There is no best way to solve your termite problem other than BPC's customized termite control Program.

After a comprehensive inspection and interview, BPC prescribes termite control program depending on the peculiarity of your home or business or property because we understand that every home and property is unique.

The method highly depends on the termite species, scale of damage, and type of facility. Options are:

1. Conventional or in Boaz, Comprehensive Termite Control. Spraying inside, outside and in the surrounding soil, injected to the ground.

2. Exterra Termite Colony Elimination System.

3. Soil poisoning for pre-construction termite prevention.


Why is there a need for a Comprehensive Inspection?

1. So that BPC can identify the set up of your property and prescribe right treatment procedure as per the structure of your house.

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How long does a pest control treatment take?

Pest control treatment takes usually at least an hour and a half but depends on size of the house/property.

What to prepare prior to pest control treatment?

Foods can be kept covered or placed in a big bag (e.g.trash bag). Water containers can be left as is since chemicals used can not penetrate water containers.To be extra careful you can also cover it with plastic. Dispenser nozzle can be enclosed with plastic as well. Clothes need not be packed on plastics unless flies to be controlled are hiding behind clothes. Sofa covers, linens and pillow cases can be washed before re-use. If spraying and misting are to be done, no one should stay inside the area to be treated except the one who will assist in carrying out of the process.

When is it safe to enter a treated area?

It is safest to enter a treated area 2-3 hours after the pest control treatment has been carried out.

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