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Boaz Pest Control Services is a solution-oriented company focused on microbial disinfection and on diagnosing, solving, and preventing termite and general pest infestation in your business, offices, and homes.


Our utmost priority is your health and safety. We protect you from illnesses, property damages, and penalties from failing to comply with business regulations. At our core, we believe people deserve to live and work in places and spaces where they can stay healthy, build connections, and reach their potential.


In 2009, young couple Eric John and April Marinay started a pest control business in Camarines Norte. They both graduated from the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB) in Laguna, and worked in Manila in their respective fields before deciding to go back to their home province. They were able to provide jobs to people living in what was considered as one of the poorest provinces in the country.


In 2012, the company’s founders moved BPC’s headquarters to Metro Manila to cater to the rising demand in the country’s capital. Through the years, BPC teams have earned the trust of numerous client partners across industries — from public transportation (MRT Line 3) to warehousing (Kopiko Coffee) and construction (First Balfour), as well as schools (La Salle Greenhills) and call centers and virtual offices (Regus Philippines). We are also our partners’ allies in food safety, having worked with restaurants and fast-food chains (Adobo Connection, Hap Chan).


Now, over a decade since its humble beginnings, BPC delivers a comprehensive range of the latest science-backed solutions, latest chemicals and equipment, manned with a complete team to provide our signature end-to-end client service.

Other Licenses, Permits and Accreditations:

Quezon City, Makati City, Marikina City

Sanitary and Health Department - Accredited with Sanitary Permit

Kapisanan ng mga Pest Control Operators sa Pilipinas (KAPESCOPI) - President

Pest Control Association of the Philippines (PCAP)

Philippine Association of Building Administration (PABA)

National Committee on Urban Pest Control (NCUPC)

Philippine Association of Entomologists

Meet the Marinays

April Marinay, co-founder and head of operations

                                    April is a Certified Pesticide                                              Applicator (Fumigator) and our                                      expert entomologist at BPC,                                            leading our team of technicians                                      in solving pest problems in                                              different environments. She                                            graduated from UPLB with an      Entomology degree in 2008 and worked with some of the country's leading pest control companies. Learning the ins and outs of the industry proved useful for her as she eventually ventures out into starting a business with her husband, EJ.


On top of her experience and technical expertise, April’s perseverance through a tough life is what separates her from other business owners. She is the eldest of four children, and right after she graduated from college, she lost her father to cancer. She had to step up as the family breadwinner alongside her mother. She has overcome life’s challenges with grit and a fearless energy. She is resourceful and a natural problem-solver, and no pest situation is too tough for her.


Eric John Marinay, co-founder and head of accounts

                                    EJ is the head of accounts in                                            BPC, in charge of taking care of                                      its clients. EJ graduated from                                          UPLB in 2008 with a degree in                                        Economics. He worked in                                                  Procter and Gamble (P&G) for                                        almost six years as an account manager where he learned to handle clients’ needs and provide global support. After years of juggling his corporate job and his own business, he eventually decided to focus on BPC full time with his wife, April. At BPC, he oversees client partnerships, from onboarding to delivery of service.


Early on, EJ knew he wanted to start his own business to serve many. He is the eldest of three siblings, raised by an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) father and a housewife who worked hard to send them to school and provide them a decent life. When in college, he honed his skills as a servant leader as he founded and led UP Kaadhika, an organization UPLB with the purpose of serving his community in Camarines Norte. His passion on public service led him to be voted as the youngest President of Kapestcopi Inc., one of the leading associations of Pest Control Operators in the Philippines. His entrepreneurial spirit and analytic approach complement his wife’s go-getter attitude, and together they lead the BPC team.

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