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Microorganisms are of smallest sizes, generally cannot be seen by the naked eye. Thus, microscopic organisms. They can be prokaryotic or eukaryotic. They can be composed of single cells or multicellular. Examples of microorganisms include algae, fungi, protozoa, bacteria and viruses. They can be good or bad. They are widely spread and can be found in any type of environment. 


Microorganisms play a vast impact towards the history of earth in different facets. Plagues and famine have been recorded that affected history, economy, and human-life conduct in general. Some of the bacteria caused diseases are cholera, pneumonia, influenza, tuberculosis, meningitis and anthrax. Popular diseases caused by virus are chickenpox, flu, herpes, mumps, HIV AIDS, viral hepatitis, Fungi causes infections that are usually not deadly but dangerous to health. Not to mention the diseases they bring to agriculture, horticulture and food production.


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The safest way around preventing being infected by a deadly microbe is not to be exposed to it. The challenge however is in keeping ourselves away from them without having been able to say where they are at. At this covid period where everyone is exposed to a danger that is unseen yet rampant, individual persons, companies, businesses are finding creative means of protecting themselves against the virus.

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General cleaning. Removal of unnecessary matters that might serve as clinging areas of microbes. i.e. sweeping, wiping using alcohol, hand washing using water and soap

Use of PPE

As recommended by CDC and DOH, use of appropriate facial mask, gloves and face shield will greatly put a barrier between us and the microbes. 

Disinfection (Elimination of 95% of the microbes)

Disinfection services usually provide fastest and highest coverage of area disinfection using chemical and non-chemical disinfectants. 

This is what is applicable to all types of facilities to be done as frequent as can be.


Use of Disinfecting Mats

DOLE actually advised that businesses, as they choose to resume operations, shall provide disinfecting mats at business premises. 

BOAZ Pest Control Services Disinfection Programs
  1. General Disinfection for office and homes

  2. UVC disinfection

  3. Steaming Disinfection for non-chemical disinfection

  4. Dry mist disinfection - office, home and vehicles

How long does a pest control treatment take?

Pest control treatment takes usually at least an hour and a half but depends on size of the house/property.

What to prepare prior to pest control treatment?

Foods can be kept covered or placed in a big bag (e.g.trash bag). Water containers can be left as is since chemicals used can not penetrate water containers.To be extra careful you can also cover it with plastic. Dispenser nozzle can be enclosed with plastic as well. Clothes need not be packed on plastics unless flies to be controlled are hiding behind clothes. Sofa covers, linens and pillow cases can be washed before re-use. If spraying and misting are to be done, no one should stay inside the area to be treated except the one who will assist in carrying out of the process.

When is it safe to enter a treated area?

It is safest to enter a treated area 2-3 hours after the pest control treatment has been carried out.

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2010 - present

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