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Boaz Pest Control Disinfection Services

Boaz Pest Control Services has been offering disinfection services since 2017, serving initially the Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators of Makati and Pasay Cities.

Fast forward 2019, Boaz Pest Control Services have levelled up its disinfection services in Metro Manila by acquiring partnership and distributorship with Bactakleen Ph disinfecting solutions. This expanded the business' scope to disinfecting services for the condominium and residential properties requiring disinfection services.

To date, Boaz Pest Control Services Disinfection service have been providing disinfecting solutions to industrial, commercial and residential customers in Metro Manila and nearby provinces. Boaz Pest Control Disinfecting Services are answer for all customer needs including but not limited to chemical based and non-chemical based disinfection services.

Chemical disinfection services have 2 variants, with the use of proven and tested chemical disinfectants and the use of non-toxic plant-based disinfectants. Non chemical based disinfection service employs steaming disinfection using 180 degrees Celcius heat exterminating microbes. Either of the disinfection service variants can also be done to disinfect cars and fleets. The method of disinfection is highly dependent on customer preference and general applicability.

Disinfection services are provided by Boaz at customer's preferred schedule. To know more about disinfection services, call Boaz Pest Control at 8267-2079, 7729-3434, globe 09357677922, or sun/smart 09228655906.


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