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How to Control Cockroach in Your Condo Unit Without Breaking the Bank

There are 2 very common species of cockroaches in the city, the American cockroach (the big flying ones) and the German cockroach (the small ones which never really grow bigger than 1/2 inch).

I am used to receiving amused laugh ones people know that we are infested by foreigners.:)

Adult American cockroach

Adult German cockroach (cockroach below is a gravid, with egg capsule at the bottom of the abdomen)

As usual, the small once are the more problematic ones and in this article, I will teach you how to tackle them, in a practical and inexpensive way.

To be able to effectively control cockroach in your condo, it is important to understand some vital information.

Majority of the condominium buildings in the city is maintained by a pest control service provider, some condo tenants like this, some don't. I am assuming that the readers and users of this article are those who initially do not like being invaded by service technicians and applied with insecticides, but is eventually hopeful that each pest control service will effect a change. My good news for you is that, if you follow these procedures, you are up to forthcoming comfort and changes. Truth be told, all condominium buildings in the Metro experience cockroach issue, 1 year after commencement of operation. Some cockroach issue however, is more problematic and apparent than others.