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Rats Attack!

Your rat visitor night after night is not exclusively pestering you but your neighbors too. All homes and facilities in Metro Manila experience rodents. That is 100% of places in Metro Manila. Why is this so?

Because they are opportunistic animals living with humans with top-notch survival skills, able to survive even the most rigid of environments, even with very limited amount of food and water. They live in the canals of the metro, entering from one hole and exiting to another. Your regular rat visitor night after night is not exclusively pestering you but your neighbors too.


Rats feed on all types of food, whatever is available at your place. From garbage to properly packed goods, they are all Great, as long as rats gain access to them. So I can not emphasize enough how important it is to keep your place:

1) Impenetrable by them and

2) If they ever gain access, your place should not offer home and food.

If you happen to have both, don't be surprised you have rodents.


It is easier said than done, yes. But the solution is in your hands.

1. Rodent proof your place.

Screen windows, keep doors closed, put weatherstrips on door gaps under and on the sides of doors and gates, seal gaps on walls with holes

2. Keep your place clean.

Your dumpster is a rat haven, make sure you don't invite them in.

Controlling their presence is one thing. Preventing to be their favorite place to visit is another.

As they live in the canals of the cities, this rainy season, they come out more often to prevent from drowning, thus their increased visibility at the surface. They might also migrate from canals to fitting facilities as home. Make sure that their next address is not the same as yours.

If you want to ask what's the best rodent control method? We have listed them down in order of effectiveness and importance. The good news is, you can all do these without the help of us, pest exterminators.

1. Rodent proofing

2. Keeping facility clutter-free

3. Poison baiting

4. Rat trapping using cage

5. Rat trapping using glue traps

If we do not treat this menace seriously at the onset, if their basic needs are always readily available just like ours - food, water and shelter, they might enjoy their stay and establish a new home in your property. The perfect parasite that was once an outsider, is now your squatters.

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