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BPC's Best Pest Prevention Tips at Home

1. Pests are always associated with garbage. Dispose of garbage regularly and properly to keep your home less attractive to pests.

2. Install screens under gates and fences to keep big roaches and rats away.

3. If you have canals inside your fence, it’s likely that it’s connected to the canals outside your property. Put screens on your canals to keep out pests.

4. Beware of pools and even an inch of standing water in cans, plant pots, clogged drainage, tires and gutters. They are nesting sites of baby and adult mosquitoes.

5. Seal gaps and openings around and inside the house including entry points of pipes, wirings and gaps under sink and cabinets to prevent pests from coming inside the house and stop them from establishing hiding sites inside the house.

6. Love pets? Keep them clean and maintained against fleas and ticks. You can be the secondary host of their parasites if primary infestation is not handled well.

7. Keep fruits, vegetables and other food items in tightly sealed containers. They are very attractive to roaches, mice and flies.

8. Repair plumbing leaks. Excessive water can prompt early wood rotting. Termites and springtails are pests very much attracted to rotting wood.

9. If you have items in your house rich in cellulose like cartons, books, potted plants, clothes and old files, conduct a routine movement and clean up at least quarterly. These items can invite termites into your house.

10. Maintain that tree branches are not leaning towards your house. Bamboo, tree stumps and other vegetation can serve as attractants and highways of rats, termites, and even snakes into your home.

11. Majority of dreadful pests like centipedes, rats and roaches thrive on areas with little amount of water. Keep your kitchen cabinets, comfort rooms and storage areas well ventilated and dry to deprive pests of places to nest.

12. Don’t hesitate to call a professional pest control service for free consultation and advice. You cannot go wrong consulting the experts.

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