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Covid Essentials

Whether for home, schools, offices, our Covid Essentials kits are appropriate to your needs.

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Metal Disinfecting Mats (DMAT)


The Metal Disinfecting Mat is a disinfecting mat made of metal hence making it more durable and long-lasting compared to the plastic counterparts.


It can contain up to 3liters of solution.



    - Durable

    - Easy to clean

    - Not slippery

    - Inexpensive

* Metal durable tray

* Coil mat

* 500g chlorine powder

* 1 liter disinfectant solution (ready to use)

Surgical Mask


Surgical mask protects your nose and mouth from contact with droplets, splashes and sprays that may contain germs.


Surgical mask also filters out large particles in the air. If you are infected with any sickness, the surgical mask may protect others by reducing their exposure to your saliva and respiratory secretions.


   - 50 pieces of 3 ply masks

Disinfectant Sprayer


Having a disinfectant sprayer right within your reach when you need them is a total sanity saver.

This disinfectant sprayer is easy to use, light weight, and can take up to 16liters of solution. It can be used manually or battery operated for 10 hours when you dont want to manually pump.

  - 16liters gallon

  - Charger 

  - Sprayer wand

  - Straps for easy carrying

Disinfecting machine.png
Disinfectant Misting Machine
This electric disinfecting misting machine is portable and easy to use. Whether for home or commercial use, this machine will not let you down.
High speed, releasing ultra-fine mist of disinfectant which suits your disinfecting needs whether in your school, office or home. 


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